Houses for sale in Mallorca: Do not let them escape

Houses for sale in Mallorca: Do not let them escape

The Top 4 Reasons to Buy a House in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the fast-rising Islands in Spain. It has stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains. It boasts of the beautiful Mediterranean climate in a stunning setting with a diverse and vibrant culture.

Recently, the real estate industry in Mallorca has been budding with the demand of houses are set to increase in the next few years. If you are still in doubt as to whether you should purchase a home here, below are the top four reasons why you need buy a house in Mallorca today.

Buy now to avoid paying more in future

There are few houses for in Mallorca, and as the demand rises, the principle of demand and supply dictates that the prices will soon surge upwards. After the Spanish real estate crisis of 2008, prices for homes were on the decline until 2014 when an increase was noted.

Currently, a lot of people are trying to acquire property on this beautiful island with a hope of gaining fast Returns on Investment through reselling. In the first quarter of 2016, the property prices rose by 8.8%. However, the purchase index was still below the 25% level of 2007.This is a clear indicator that soon the demand for houses for sale in Mallorca will increase which will also lead to an increase in prices.

Enjoy an easy lifestyle

The island of Mallorca is relaxed, friendly and welcoming. The environment offers you a perfect opportunity to reinvent your lifestyle. Its climate will allow you to spend most of your time outdoor making it easier to socialize and meet new people.

The cost of living on the island of Mallorca is slightly cheaper compared to the surrounding urban centers which make it easy for you to enjoy life more with less. There is also a large resident community with enormous experience of life on the island who will help you and offer advice on how you will navigate life on the island and discover real happiness.

Mallorca Island is attracting the whole world

People from different walks of life are rushing to have a share of the houses for sale in Mallorca. Germans, Scandinavians, and even British citizens are investing heavily in the holiday property market in Mallorca Island.

In fact, more than one-third of real estate investors in Mallorca are foreigners. For investors from other countries, the Balearic Islands are the real Spanish leaders in the real estate industry. Recently, the Islands have started attracting the interest of Chinese investors. The global demand for houses in Mallorca suggests how unique the Island is.

Excellent Healthcare

The island of Mallorca has a state-of-the-art public hospital and other hospitals offering excellent medical services to the dwellers. There is also some private healthcare facilities and specialist clinics on the Island.

The level of expertise by the medics who work in these centers is top-notch. The customer service is excellent and waiting times are minimal. The European health card covers for emergency anywhere on the Island, but you are also free to arrange for your own private health care fund.

Every town of the island has a local state-funded healthcare center that can attend to you and your family.

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